3 Lamps Functions

.Hair removal .Reduction of facial brown spots .Reduction of facial broken capillaries .Skin rejuvenation .Acne treatment .Wrinkle reduction .Sun damage treatment .Pigmentation reduction .Rosacea treatment


An incredibly intelligent operating system.

Extremely powerful.

19.89 joules for the lamp window

Beautifully designed, just for you.

Beautiful streamlined, seamless features for easy access.

A built-in intuitive system, ready for use.



Take it wherever you want, wherever you go.

The Skin Rejuvenation (SR) lamp

It will give you a healthier, youthful look

provides easy facial skin treatments such as pigmentation correction, treating brown spots, redness, and getting rid of broken capillaries.

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The Hair Removal (HR) lamp

offers quick and easy permanent results!

A time-efficient device that will have you not worrying about hair any more. With only 4 sessions you will see visible results, your body hair will be much finer and fewer in number.

Faustina newsletter 2023 ACNE Treatment
The Acne Clearance (AC) Lamp

will treat your acne in a completely new way

With 10 treatments, 1 every 3 days, you will be acne free in no time!

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FAUSTINA IPL can be used for your face, arms, thighs, legs, body, bikini, and underarms — the possibilities are endless.

faustina 3 in 1 ipl hair removal
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IPL is the most preferred method of hair removal

chosen by millions of women around the world

Now, with FAUSTINA 3-in-1, you can get so much more from your device. It has 500,000 flashes, ensuring a long lifespan. This is the case for each lamp (so you're actually getting 1,500,000 flashes total!). 5 energy levels to adapt to a wide range of different skin types. And best of all? It's usable anywhere, at anytime.

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Would you like to know even more details about our FAUSTINA IPL? Take a look at our user manual!